Taiwan 2006 Journal

Shah Peter

In May, 2006, the Shinners family made a trip to Taiwan for our sister, Paula's wedding with Josh. We made the most out of seeing the island then headed for the big event at the end. The following pages are written from the notes of Peter Shinners.

Friday, May 12 Arrival in Taipei.
Saturday, May 13 Coastal town of Tanshui.
Sunday, May 14 Journey to Hualien.
Monday, May 15 Exploration of Toroko Gorge.
Tuesday, May 16 Welcome to Kaohsiung.
Wednesday, May 17 Kending, vaction in a vacation.
Thursday, May 18 Return to Kaohsiung.
Friday, May 19 Calm before the rehearsal.
Saturday, May 20 Wedding day and big reception.
Sunday, May 21 Last day and last reception.
Monday, May 22 Journey home.

Appendix Name translations, quotes, and songs.
Photo Gallery Index of the photos used in the journal.