May 17, Kenting

We were joined by Jenni B, one of Paula's previous roommates, for the bus ride to Kenting the next day. During the ride it was decided that Pete should be in charge of taking notes about the trip. This prompted the scribbling of some hasty notes on the back of a bouncy bus.

Kenting turned out to be a nice little vacation town on the southern peninsula of the island. Our accommodations were hosted by a little catholic hostel. Some would claim the hostel only served cold and low pressure showers, but others had proof otherwise. The first order of business in town was lunch. Choice by proximity led us to Ocean Blue. Most would tell you this was a fun little spot with a good variety of menu and the music of Enigma being turned by the DJ. A closer review of the photos will reveal two soured faces. Coincidentally, these two were located underneath the one ceiling fan turned off, creating a pocket of intense heat and flies.

Second order of business in Kenting was scooter rental. We toured the scooters on a scenic loop of the area. The ride and stops were great, but there were some disappointments to be had. One key attraction, the natural gas vent ring was not lit, and in fact, covered with water. Instead of open flames coming from the ground were were given a round bubbling lake. The opportunity was taken to create alternate lyrics to the Ring of Fire. Other stops included a large walking suspension bridge and a beach. Phil and Pete decided to test the scooters on some sand dunes neighboring the beach, but it soon became obvious Phil had the better scooter. We would have stopped for pictures at the Sail Rock landmark, but the ravenous fire ants in the viewing area quickly repelled us. The final leg of the loop took as past no less than twenty go-kart tracks. It was an inspiring and slightly confusing sight, how could the tourist traffic through Kenting support such a competitive industry?

Dinner was handled by Smokey Joe's that night. Perhaps the favorite eating stop on the trip. The tome of a dinner menu had no limit on varieties of food representing all parts of the world. The Cheesecake Factory style servings put a smile on all faces. But no smile as big as the one on Alicia's as she finished off her lush drink, Tropical Paradise.

The main street of Kenting opens into a night market when the sun goes down. Several scooter riders went out at midnight. The hope was to explore the many go-kart tracks but they were found vacant and completely dark. A moonlit tour of the backstreets and alleyways was made instead, with a spooky stop at the graveyard.

I am pleased to report that the air conditioning units at the catholic hostel in Kenting are strong and unwavering. Much like the mattresses we slept on that night. There was a bit of confusion that night if Josh and Paula were legally married already, and would be needing a separate room. Paula declined the offer, red cheeked.