May 20, Wedding

Josh and Paula's wedding worked. Everything worked. The bride and her maids were beautiful. The mother's candle lighting had no blowouts. Avery was able to deliver her line during the flowering, She's coming, she's coming. And Alicia was able to demonstrate her full vocal range during the worship songs with Phil. Congratulations, Josh and Paula.

Paula did try to build some tension by breaking her wedding dress at the last possible moments. Fortunately, it is custom in Taiwan to be a bit late, so the fifteen minute delay turned out to be a good thing. Josh also had a plan to make things interesting when his sixteen person small group turned out to be more like twenty two. And if we are being honest, Phil and Alicia's worship set had moments with microphone and soprano troubles.

The reception party was held at the ball room of the Grand Hotel. A friend of Paula's was able to get the hook up through her membership. The reception had all the things you would expect of a wedding reception. But there were several highlights. Most unforgettable was the choreographed first dance between Josh and Paula. The medley included dance routines from Blues Brothers, Napoleon Dynamite, Moulan Rouge, Grease, and more. Other additions included a burning ring of fire jump by the bride and groom. Paula was also able to get the most out of the garter belt toss by giving Josh the wrong leg to start with. Paula had four different dresses to wear through the reception, which resulted in many big entrances by the bride.

That night the whole family stayed at rooms in the Grand Hotel. This time Paula and Josh did have their own rooms, but that didn't stop us from seeing them several times, travelling the hallways.