May 19, Rehearsal

Most of Friday was open schedule, so people were able to split off and choose their own adventure. Phil and Dad took multiple loads of bags and washing machines from Paula's apartment to her new house. Mom and Paula took time to prepare for the wedding. Jenni and the rest of the family got the chance for the long awaited Tiffany's shopping trip. The Tiffany's adventure turned out to be not as navigationally sound as originally expected. Fortunately an idle police officer was able to offer a ride to the walkers for the last seven blocks. Emerging from the back of a police car, we were at one fancy looking mall. After more debate than can be described, Jenni walked out of Tiffany's with her precious silver heart ring. It turned out there would have been further purchases if her card had not been declined for expiring that month. The bathrooms next to Tiffany's turned out to be the finest squatty experience in all of the orient.

Next to Paula's apartment was a hair salon that was not actually the Happy Hair we had heard of in stories. It turned out to be far better than the stories, and the Happy Hair name stuck anyways. Start with a twenty minute shoulder rub. Then a twenty minute hair wash and head massage. All the time enjoying coffee and tea. Final price, five dollars. We splurged for actual haircuts as well. There is no universal language for haircut descriptions. But pointing and gestures made us through the ritual.

Jump to Paula's wedding rehearsal. The inexperienced Pete had been put in charge of things. Due to the skill and artistry shown, the honorary term, "J-Lo" was quickly applied to the newcomer wedding coordinator. With a small stage, many obstacles, and a rumored 30 people coming on and off the stage, some were a little uneasy about the chances for a smooth run. The rehearsal dinner was served in an underground room at a curry house. It was a fun room, but the service was on the low end of the quality ruler. It was an excellent chance to get to know more of the wedding party and Josh's family.