May 21, Reception

This day was for the Taiwanese reception. This involves a large dinner for the full families. The many plates bordered on the edge of palatable. Thirteen plates made it to our table, and most ended up going back similar to how they started. Fish with teeth and eyes, Shrimp with eyes and whiskers, fish balls, unidentified pig parts, full crabs, and more. It was an impressive display, but unfortunately wasted on our westernized appetites.

In order to keep things from getting too slow, karaoke machines were placed around the restaurant. The Shinners family had a private room off to the side. This room had its own air conditioning which was highly welcome. It also had a song machine which was a little less welcome. It would have gone unused if not for Paula's friend who had helped her book the Grand Hotel. This woman was a karaoke fiend. She lit the machine up, and made no exceptions for getting others to pick a song. She was both a coach and backup singer for anything that was selected. Her go to song was Moon River.

Later that afternoon we made it back to Paula's apartment to pack. This was also our opportunity to make a second visit to the Happy Hair Salon. Another excellent round of back and head massage, another five dollars.