Taiwan Appendix

Literal translation of names

Shinners (Shah)Summer
Mark Heavy horse
Susan Bountiful ocean
Peter Giving together
Nichole Possibility little girl
Phillip Bubble gum
Alicia Beautiful romantic
Josh Tidal wave
Paula Spirits
Jenni Little girl pearl
Avery Beautiful love
Kloe Chocolate

Often repeated quotes

Everyone can now ask Paula two questions.
Statement by Paula, every day.
The window is locked open.
Dad's hotel window observation.
Slowly, longer.
Water dancing advise. Life advice.
How long never been relax?
Inviting spa marketing for a stressful trip.
Is the train coming here or there?
Ambiguous platform confusion.
Stop being your regular self.
Many layers of meaning.
This just in...
Preceding any statement of the obvious.
Now now
The most immediate tense of now.

Often repeated music

Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash
Thong Song
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Bonnie Tyler